Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Interview with Ebenezer Malcolm, Country Manager of Global Teenager Project, Ghana

Ebenezer was part of the participants at the CCLE workshop organized by IICD and shared his experience on developing social networking tools to be used by teachers to teach in the classroom

What experiences do you have to share ?

It is about how to create knowledge and share. I shared a story whereby i created a snapshot of how to use blogs, wikis and other social networking tools and uploaded them on

What i did express is that teachers can use blogs, wikis and other CMS or module to create knowledge , i tried to make it very simple for teachers by creating this sofware and how to use it systematically and this i did and uploaded and the feedback i got was so marvelous. Teachers wrote back to tell me this is a good tool and some of them even called for other tools which i can come out with like video tutorials which i am trying to work with International Education and Resource Network to see how this can be possible .

Interview with Melody Palmer, Programme Manager/Network Coordinator of ICT4D Jamaica

Melody Palmer was one of the participants at the just-ended Cross Country Learning Experience, a four-day workshop organized as a pre-conference workshop towards the 3rd International E-Learning Conference in Accra from the 24th to the 27th of May 2008. the CCLE workshop was organized by the International Institute of Communication and Development(IICD) based in the Netherlands.

I work with ICT4D Jamaica that really stands for Information and Communication Technology for Development in Jamaica. I am the programme Manager and network Coordinator for ICT4D Jamaica. Presently, we are working on literacy and numeracy skills programme. We are doing it with a focus on the youth between the ages of 17-25. The programme has a target group of five hundred learners and we will really like to reach these learners alot of whom have dropped out of high school and have ended with no jobs, we call them at risk and unattached.

For some successes, we have trained over twenty facilitators for the programme and they seem to be keen on the the content that was produced using a software.

On the challenges two. ICT technical competence of the facilitators and the stigma of illiteracy in Jamaica so we really hope this programme will work out to address some of these challenges.