Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Diffusion of ICTs in Ghanaian Schools

This Video documentary is about the state of affairs of ICTs integration in Ghanaian Schools.

The diffusion of Information Communication and Technologies (ICTs) in educational systems in Ghana and other sub-Saharan African nations is a major step to promoting innovation. However, like Ghana, many of these educational systems currently do not have any coherent ICT policy framework in place. The current lack of policy frameworks for ICTs implementation in these educational systems shows that they are not equipped to keep up with the ICT revolution that is
taking place across the world. However, education policy makers in Ghana still have the chance to take advantage of the technology that is becoming more widely available.

This ten minutes video documentary on ICTs integration in Ghanaian Schools was produced by Ebenezer Malcolm, a doctoral student in Instructional Technology at College of Education, Ohio University, USA. He is also the Project Manager of the Global Teenager Project (GTP), Ghana. The documentary featured a snap shot of ICTs integration in first and second cycle institutions in Ghana. The feature highlighted some of the achievements, challenges and prospects of ICT integration in Ghanaian Schools. For more information on this video documentary contac[1]t
Ebenezer Malcolm: em283505@ohio.edu or emalcolm@ghana.com

To get access to this video, visit http://malcalm.blip.tv/.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Interview with Juliano Bittencourt

Juliano was a participant and at the same time a resource person from Brazil at a workshop organised on the One Laptop per child project in Ghana.Juliano shared his experience in th implementation of the OLPC project in Brazil.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Interview with Charity Binka

Charity works with GBC Radio and she participated in the two-day training workshop organised by GINKS in collaboration with Penplusbytes to build the capacities of Journalists in the use of Web2.0 tools for development.This training took place from the 10th to the 11th of October 2007 at the Accra International Press Centre.
What is your Name and what organisation do you work for?
My name is Mrs. Charity Binka and I work for th Ghana Broadcasting Corporation primarily and I work as the chief editor of the Radio Newsroom division. Essentially, I am a gender activist and specialist and run an NGO by name Women Media and Change.
What lessons have you learnt from this two-day training woshop and what advice do you have for people on Web2.0 tools for devlopment?
The time has come for people to explore the Computer and the Internet because that is the way to go. There is no need to limit ourselves to just emails and chats on the Internet. There is so much we can learn. For the past two days, I have learnt alot and I want to challenge everybody out there who has Internet connection to go and explore and particularly the use of Web2.0 tools for development. I also want to say that the experts in these fields must also popularise the tools because people out of ignorance do not use them but if they know, they might definately be able to use them so go for it if you are not using the tools yet and if you have knowledge about the use of the tools, share it with the larger people so that we all come on board to make this World a better and earsier place.Thank you.