Wednesday, October 15, 2014

VakaYiko: Sensitization & Launch of EIPM Course in Ghana

Sensitization and Launch of EIPM Course in Ghana
Date: 1st October, 2014, CSTC Accra

Monday, October 13, 2014

Green Innovation: Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative

Social Good Summit 2014 in Ghana

This is a multi-stakeholder discussion of the role of new technology (social media) 
in stimulating action for environmental sanitation in Ghana. It was hosted by UNDP 
in Ghana in partnership with Creative Storm Networks on September 22, 2014 
during the 2014 Social Good Summit in Ghana.

Improving on Navigation system in Ghana

indigenous technology, Ananse identification platform launched.

Tech Needs Girls Ghana

A 3 minute video with some highlights of Tech Needs Girls Ghana. Tech Needs 
Girls Ghana is a movement to get more women to create technology and not just 
consume it. We want more women to study and pursue careers in technology.