Monday, May 12, 2014

Farmers Receive Solar Radio Sets

Twenty farmer groups across the Central Region have been presented with solar 
panel powered radio sets. This will enable them to follow an agricultural programme 
aired on GBC Radio Central at 7pm to 8pm every Tuesday. The programme dubbed "
Apowmudzin Santom" or Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato, (OFSP) is a collaboration 
between the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Radio Central in Cape Coast and Farm Radio International.

Ghana turns to technology to tame traffic

Faced with regular gridlock on the roads of the Ghanaian capital, a website has been 
set up to alert drivers to the worst bottlenecks -- fed by eagle-eyed spotters with Twitter accounts.

Ghana turns to technology to tame traffic

Changing the Face of ICTs

This film looks at the changing face of ICTs through the lives of some of the people 
benefitting from ITU-D projects around the world.

It was specially filmed by ITU in 6 different countries and was premiered at the start of 

the 2014 World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-14) in Dubai, UAE, 30 March 2014.

A longer version of this film is also available. For further enquiries please contact:

ICT for Development: Healthcare perspectives - Marco Haenssgen

Focusing on upstream elements of mHealth, Marco explored patterns of mobile 
phone use and healthcare-seeking behaviour, drawing on fieldwork insights from 
rural India (Rajasthan) and China (Gansu). The evidence suggests that common 
assumptions of mHealth proponents are easily violated; that is, mobile phone 
ownership is not ubiquitous and does not necessarily reflect mobile phone use, 
people do not necessarily share mobile phones freely amongst each other, they 
are not necessarily keen and excited technological learners, and they do develop m
obile phone-aided coping strategies that may compete with mhealth. While both 
contexts offer, at least in theory, the potential for mobile technology to break boundaries, 
the presentation emphasised the importance of understanding upstream factors of mHealth 
before deploying technological solutions in order to provide effective solutions and to 
avoid the potential exacerbation of healthcare inequities.

Business In Africa : ICT for Development (Part 2)

Business In Africa : ICT for Development (Part 2) - One of the largest methods in 
Rwanda intends to meet up with its advancement goals is by telecommunications. 
And currently global participants are setting up on their own.

Effectiveness of ICT for Rural Development: Building a Digital Green Learning Community

This workshop will share Digital Green approach using ICT for rural communities 
across different domains such as agriculture, livelihoods, health and nutrition, and 
in different geographies in India and Africa, specially Ethiopia and Ghana. The workshop 
will discuss the projects that Digital Green is currently involved in with various partners 
and how promising the initial results are and collaboratively work towards creating communities of practice.

Changing the Face of ICTs - Long-form Version

This video was filmed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in 6 
different countries, it looks at the changing face of ICTs, through the lives of some 
of the people benefitting from ITU-D projects around the world.

Solar ICT In A Box

Our distributor GEM Technologies in Accra, Ghana works with Power For Africa and 
our friends at Aleutia to help provide a community ICT facility using low power PC's and solar energy.


Connect To Learn Ghana: The Impact of Education
In May 2013, the first set of Connect To Learn scholarship students graduated from Mansoman Senior High School in the Millennium Village in Bonsaaso, Ghana.

Here, some of the Connect To Learn scholars share their career goals, and how continued education and ICT is helping them to fulfill their potential.

Connect To Learn is a non-profit public-private collaboration by The Earth Institute at Columbia University, Ericsson and Millennium Promise, focused on providing secondary education, especially for girls, around the world.

Students at ICT Lecture

A section of the second year students having computer lectures in the Presbyterian Nurses Training College in Bawku.

Students Photo credit: Laari Luke 

Friday, May 2, 2014


Some students selected from WADEP partner schools are undergoing two weeks intensive practical ICT training.