Thursday, June 30, 2011

Village Health Teams - Saving Children's Lives in Uganda

The Malaria Consortium project behind this film - InSCALE - is a
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded initiative that is looking
at the critical need for community-based health volunteers in
Uganda and Mozambique and what keeps them motivated.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Interaction between IICD's Francois Laureys & Mrs Florence Pul in Tamale, Northern Ghana

An interaction between IICD's Laureys Francois & Mrs. Florence
Pul (Director, Etoile Royale Grade Sch. in Tamale) Northern Ghana
during IICD's Round Table Workshop on Education - June 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Connecting schools with ‘Solar Connect’

Thanks to Link Community Development’s Solar Connect program,
rural schools across Malawi, Ghana, South Africa, and Uganda are
able to access the Internet for the first time. Says LCD:

We connect schools with their district education office through a
computer with 3G internet connection powered by solar panels.
Teachers and headteachers can complete their administration
without leaving school. That means they can spend more time
teaching, and children spend more time learning.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

McKechnie Elementary transforms Tichele Primary

Watch this video and learn about Tichele Primary, a primary
school in Northern Ghana that will be transformed through the
support of an elementary school in Vancouver, Canada.
McKechnie Elementary will be raising funds through its annual
walk-a-thon that will take place in May, 2011.

Tichele Primary School Reaction to McKechnie Gift

McKechnie Elementary School in Vancouver, Canada made a special book

YouTube Worldview Interview - President Paul Kagame, Rwanda

Interviewed by Khaya Dlanga, a YouTube partner and
one of South Africa's leading video bloggers, President
Paul Kagame answers a range of the most popular
questions submitted by you.

This is the first YouTube World View interview with
an African leader, Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

interview with Mr. Richard Asamoah-Frimpong, Presbyterain Secretariat of the Christain Health Association of Ghana (CHAG)

At the IICD's Round Table Workshop, held at Radaach Conference
Centre, Tamale (Northern Ghana) on 6-8 June 2011

Interview with Mrs. Florence Pul, Director of Etoile Royale Grade School, Tamale (Northern Ghana)

Mrs. Florence Pul, spoke about the school and the progress made