Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Healthcare Tech for the Developing World

Sisu Global Health is a medical technology social venture, which seeks to increase 
the quality of life for people in the developing world while growing as a self-sustaining
 business. Over the past few years we have developed connections and worked 
with doctors in Ghana to address serious needs.

Ghana Clean Energy Conference 2015

A regional conference on Clean Energy and the Environment opened in Ghana 
this week. The 3rd of its kind, the exhibition is looking at how to get businesses 
using more renewable energy sources, like solar, biomass and wind power

eLearning Africa 2015 – Interview with Dr Aida Opoku Mensah

Plans are currently being laid for a new era of development, as the United Nations’ 
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) edge closer to their 2015 expiry date. 
What will replace them will be a more inclusive framework that leverages new 
technology and innovation to help reach targets.

Women in ICT

Cisco recently held its first Connected Women event in South Africa which aims
 to build a community of women within the ICT industry who are able to network, 
share ideas and brainstorm around how women can be developed within the industry. 
In this video, Emma Roffey, Marketing Director at Cisco, discusses the five things 
companies can do to attract more women to the ICT industry and ensure their growth

eLearning Africa 2015 - Enriching Tomorrow

ICT in Education Sample

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Combining technology and services to embrace change

Charge-up Ghana: Pilot Workshop February 2014

With Charge-up Ghana, SVAfrica and VEG want to train young people to produce 
small, cheap and low-tech solar-powered devices such as cell phone chargers, lamps 
and radios. This video shows the pilot phase which took place in Ho, Ghana on the 
premises of VEG in February 2014.

Uncovering some of the latest ICT4D trends

Matilda Amissah-Arthur Donates Computers To Osu Home JHS

The advent of technology has made writing letters a thing of the past. In times past,
'Pen friending' or 'pen palling' was common among students, in secondary schools, 
who made friends with people in other countries through writing letters. Computers 
and the Internet have made it even easier for such friendships to thrive. Mrs Matilda 
Amissah-Arthur encouraged students to use the Internet to cultivate genuine