Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DLD14 - Trends from Emerging Markets (Bright Simons, Nathan Eagle)

Technology and agriculture information services in Ghana - Esoko

Tech Trends:Communication Minister Discusses Expanding Nigeria's Digital Economy Prt 2

eLA14 - Interview with Bright Simons, mPedigree Network, Ghana

Cyber Security

Global threats to cyberspace are rapidly increasing - at the same pace as the explosive 

growth in the use of the Internet. These constitute significant risks

Robotics Introductory Trainniing (RoBiT)

Robotics Introductory Training is product of Manomey's Media Consult. RoBiT is 
aimed at igniting the minds of the African Child in the field of Science and Technology, 
The Program is targeting Children of ages 8 - 12. RoBiT is an education centered program 
structured with the African child in mind. We will nurture other talents through Music, 
Arts, Astronomy, Child Counseling and many more.

Biotech Sensitization campaign in Tamale Schools 15

The Ghana chapter of the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) 
has sensitized science students on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and 
the need to take up careers in fields of biotechnology to promote development in the Northern Region.


In the past two decades there has been a lot of talk about the transformative power 

of technology in society,yet little attention has been paid to an emerging digital gap.
Men are said to be twice more likely to have access to the internet than women.
Furthermore, only thirty percent of the seven million people working in the information 
 and communication sector are women,making women particularly in Africa vastly 
underrepresented at all levels in the ICT sector.But how can women have their groove 
on in this male dominated industry that remains bouyant as a growing place for employment.

Matilda Amissah-Arthur Donates Computers To Osu Home JHS

The advent of technology has made writing letters a thing of the past. In times past, 
'Pen friending' or 'pen palling' was common among students, in secondary schools, 
who made friends with people in other countries through writing letters. Computers 
and the Internet have made it even easier for such friendships to thrive. Mrs Matilda 
Amissah-Arthur encouraged students to use the Internet to cultivate genuine

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Matrix

This video details the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Development 
Matrix that was created as a part of a joint International Federation of Information 
Processing (IFIP) and United Nations Educational Science and Cultural Organization
(UNESCO) Project. The assumption is that the incorporation of ICT into a system is a dynamic process. This matrix provides a tool to help organizations determine

'Half computer’ hampers ICT lessons for 323 pupils

Ghana Clean Energy Conference 2015

A regional conference on Clean Energy and the Environment opened in Ghana 
this week. The 3rd of its kind, the exhibition is looking at how to get businesses
using more renewable energy sources, like solar, biomass and wind power

Inauguration of the University of Ghana Distance Education ICT Project

Sim Box Fraud With Derick From Ghana Chamber Of Communications On Africa Business Live

Top 10 future technologies coming in 2015

2015 is set to be an exciting year for new futuristic gadgets and smartphones. 
What are some of these technologies coming next year and how will they affect us?

Zimbabwe's Growing ICT Sector: ‘Techpreneurs’ Tap into Opportunity

Internet penetration is growing in Zimbabwe as it is in many other parts of Africa. 
And although the economy is struggling, techrepreneurs and experts say it is an 
untapped market opportunity. Wazir Khamsin with the story.