Monday, April 28, 2014

How ICT can boost productivity in the services sector

Geoff Lewis outlines why ICT is important for the services sector and what the 
Commisssion recommends to help boost productivity. Submissions close 7 March 2014.

This film looks at the changing face of ICTs through the lives of some of the people benefitting from ITU-D projects around the world. It was specially filmed by ITU in 6 different countries and was premiered at the start of the 2014 World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-14) in Dubai, UAE, 30 March 2014.

March 2014 - Uche Okoronkwo meets two pioneers leading the ICT sector in Kenya.
 Juliana Rotich is the founder Ushahidi, a crowdsourcing initiative launched during 
Kenya's post-election violence in 2008. She discusses the challenges encountered on 
her way to success and talk about the new technologies she is currently working on. 
Sophia Bekele, Dot Connect Africa Founder and well known authority on the internet 
and global technology explains how she is trying to establish a "" domain 
name through the Dot Connect Africa campaign.

Changing the Face of ICTs

This film looks at the changing face of ICTs through the lives of some of the people 
benefitting from ITU-D projects around the world.

It was specially filmed by ITU in 6 different countries and was premiered at the start of

the 2014 World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-14) in Dubai, UAE, 30 March 2014.

Effectiveness of ICT for Rural Development: Building a Digital Green Learning Community

Connect To Learn Ghana: The Impact of Education

Connect To Learn is a non-profit public-private collaboration by The Earth Institute
 at Columbia University, Ericsson and Millennium Promise, focused on providing
 secondary education, especially for girls, around the world.

Ghana - Information Communication Technology

Produced by EPIC Global Media, an award-winning creative agency which signed a 
Global Development Alliance (GDA) with the United States Agency for International 
Development Mission to Ghana, this film aims to build and present the brand of 
Ghana internationally.

MSME Project Ghana ICT Park

Garland are the Project Managers and Civil & Structural Engineers on the First ICT 
Park in Ghana. This 20 Ha development will provide high quality office and call 
centre space to facilitate the Worlds leading ICT providors

ICDE: 5-Year Plan on Annual New Year School and Conference 2014-1018

The Institute of Continuing and Distance Education (ICDE) of the University of Ghana 
held its 65th Annual New Year School and Conference Under the theme 'ICT For Sustainable Human Development'

Innovation Ghana CBA 2014-6 (Hope City, Ghana)

Frema talks about the vision and mission of Hope City Ghana

Ghana 2014 Air Show & Conference Final

Ghana 2014 Air Show & Conference Final -- Info Contact International Center 
Of Excellence - ICE Aviation Dubai.


African Ladies In ICT

Solar ICT In A Box

Our distributor GEM Technologies in Accra, Ghana works with Power For Africa 

and our friends at Aleutia to help provide a community ICT facility using low power PC's and solar energy.

Telecommunications Basics Part 2

In the second part of our series on telecommunications, Jim Gibson discusses the 
MPOE or demarc and how wire gets into your home or office.

Telecommunications Basics Part 1

In the first part of our series on telecommunications, Jim Gibson discusses the deregulation 
of the telecommunications industry and some of the basic technologies that power it.

Ghana - A Preview

Produced by EPIC Global Media, an award-winning creative agency which signed 
a Global Development Alliance (GDA) with the United States Agency for International 
Development Mission to Ghana, this film aims to build and present the brand of Ghana internationally.

WTDC-14 INTERVIEWS: Paul Garnett, Director, Technology Policy, Microsoft

Interview with Paul Garnett, Director, Technology Policy, Microsoft, at WTDC-14, 07 April 2014.

The views expressed in ITU INTERVIEWS are those of the interviewees and do not necessarily represent those of the ITU.

Previewing Ghana


Developing Nigeria's ICT Sector

Gov't to improve ICT infrastructure in the country -

ICT in Education

See how government schools are taking interactive learning to new heights. Join 
us as we visit classrooms where children are able to get the full benefit of 'smartboards', 
computers and audio-equipment. Discover how the technology is helping young people 
to better engage and to make learning more fun. Hear how the new electronic equipment
has opened a number of avenues for learning.

CIO Healthcare Summit, May 13th -14th, 2014, Dallas, TX

TVC News on Rlg Products

ICT For Women

Space Technology And Development

Space scientists, researchers and policy makers across Africa are meeting in Accra to 
plan on how to use Space science and technology to quicken the pace of development 
on the continent. This is the first time Ghana is hosting the African Conference which 
will run for three days.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

IICD Workshop ends in Tamale

A group photo after a workshop in Tamale

Policy dialogue with key stakeholders on the CHPS

The community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) programme. CHPS programme its rpo poor health intervention by the government of Ghana to reduce geographical barriers accessing health care in rural and deprived communities in Ghana. SEND-Ghana through the as part of its participatory monitoring and evaluation of health sector policies/programmes conducted a research into CHPS implementation and has come out with a report. SEND is using evidence gathered from the research to engage with stakeholders in the health sector in the form of policy dialogue or interface meeting at the district, regional and national level. The district dialogues are completed and stakeholders have made commitments to addressing the issues raised in the report. District Citizens Monitoring Committees will follow up with stakeholders to ensure that commitments are fully implemented in order to improve the implementation of CHPS thereby increasing access to quality health care in Ghana


Akvo RSR Training ends in Tamale

It's great to have two IBIS in Ghana staff Johnson and George participating in the AKVO RSR training programme. We are very excited and are eager to lobby for space to train other colleagues on this innovative tool. It is good for learning and sharing, and we would encourage all colleagues particularly in the Education Thematic Programme to make use of it.



Two trainings conducted- JUNE 2013, Nov. 2013
Training on what? Teaching strategies & learning activities Lesson planning and delivery Development of worksheet Concept building Learning styles Group work Assessment Textbook use Giving and receiving feedback Preparation of TLMs Clinical supervision – Tools Taking videos of teaching processes

Participants at BEQUIP training, Tamale Photo credit: Johnson


C4C Training workshop Tamale

After a two day workshop on how the local C4C partners can best support their associated organizations to implement and sustain their own ICT-enabled development activities, we are going through a training on how to use the AKVO plat form to show case our project activities.
I am happy to have this opportunity to learn some thing about the support AKVO is giving to project partners to share and to learn from one another.
In particular, PEPS-C is happy to be a partner to this facility and will explore the full potential of the platform to its benefit.
It is hoped that through this project, the appropriate ways and means would be found to improve the information environment so that the Enterprises being supported by PEPS-C are able to respond more readily to market signals, and that teaching and learning will improve in the Four Vocational Schools that are also receiving support under the auspices of the ICT4D initiative.


Find St. Basilide's technical inst. Kaleo It is an institute that runs four programs; they are electrical, welding, carpentry, and building. the school is located in UWR Wa Ghana


AKVO RSR/Social Media Training

WADEP participating in AKVO RSR Training. We are able to do mobile updates



WADEP to train 30 young girls selected from 10 schools in Nkwanta South and North Districts in addition to 10 teachers on using technology to effect change.
The objectives of the training is to get the girls to know that, they can use technology for advocacy and to provide practical skills on ICT for participants


RSR Training for C4C Ghana Education partners

GINKS in collaboration with AKVO is organizing a one day capacity building training for all C4C partners in Tamale, Northern Ghana.
The training among other things will enable each project respresentative to be able to do live update using their mobile phones using the new app. At the end of the training they will learn how to tweet directly from their RSR account at anytime. keep your eyes on this page for more update.



Presby Education Unit participates in akvo rsr training for the C4C EDUCATION Ghana partners. The training took place in Tamale at RADACH, Ghana.


Cletus Zoot, projects coordinator taking part in the training Photo credit: Cletus Zoot

Savana Signatures staff attends C4C Learning Workshop

Two staff of Savana Signatures, Mr. John Stephen Agbenyo and Capacity Development Officer Mr. Raphael Adomey are participating in a two day Connect for Change Learning Workshop for Education partners in Ghana.

Raphael Adomey making a presentation on what is working and not working Photo credit: Savana Signatures

ACDEP's Dev't Partners Visit Walewale & Langbensi

ACDEP's development partners from CORDAID, IICD and other important stakeholders from Dance for Life and Vodafone Foundation paid a working and learning visit to adolescents participating in ACDEP's ICT in health project under the C4C programme. Under the programme, mobile phones are used to send sms messages to peer educators in hard-to-reach communities in northern Ghana including Walewale & Langbensi to share knowledge about sexual reproductive health amongst adolescents.

The adolescents share their experiences with the team. Photo credit: Norbert  

The visiting team was accompanied by the four Young Professionals from the World of Difference programme. From the side-lines of the interactions between the visiting team and the adolescents, some of the adolescents indicated that they were inspired by the visit and felt motivated by the presence of the team to take issues bothering on their future development seriously. A cross-section of the adolescents said they look forward to experience how technology will contribute to improve access to adolescent reproductive health information and services in their communities.

Savana Signatures donates ICT Equipment

Savana Signatures donates ICT Equipment

Savana Signatures has donated two new desktop computers and a printer to the Sagnarigu District Education Directorate.
This donation was made at the end of a 5 day basic ICT training conducted for the staff of the education directorate.

The donation and training was supported by IICD