Monday, December 14, 2015

Knowledge café on evidence-informed policy-making in Zimbabwe

There are examples of successful policies in Zimbabwe, informed by evidence. But, since independence, policymaking has largely been reactionary and ideologically driven. This has resulted in many policy inconsistencies and failures. The need to build institutional capacity to make informed policy decisions in Zimbabwe is especially urgent now, as Zimbabwe faces major economic challenges.

ZeipNET, in partnership with US Embassy Public Affairs Section Food for Thought series, hosted a knowledge cafe to provide a forum to discuss success stories, challenges and opportunities for evidence informed policy-making in Zimbabwe. Of particular note, the forum sought to obtain insight into what can be done to promote the routine use of evidence in policy-making processes in Zimbabwe.

The event took place 20 October 2015, in Harare.
Moderators: Ronald Munatsi and Gilchrist Ndongwe, ZeipNET
Speakers: Onesimo Maguwu, a public health expert from USAID; Charles Dhewa, a Knowledge Management Specialist from a local agro-based think-tank Knowledge Transfer Africa; and Grey Chivanda, a former policy maker from the ministry of higher and tertiary education, science and technology development.