Friday, July 20, 2007

Interview with Shafiu Shaibu of SEND Foundation about

Shafiu Shaibu is the programmes coordinator of the ECAMIC Project of SEND Foundation supported by IICD. He was a participant at the just ended GINKS Technical follow-up meeting in Accra and shared his opinion on how the project will work with to improve market information for the farmers. The video is about 3 minutes long. Here's the transcript:
At Send Foundation we've been thinking over time how to facilitate the speed at which the market information which is gathered gets to the farmers. We found it difficult. We thought about the GSM model, but it needs back-up and technical skills. Tradenet appears the right solution because it has institutional background. Send will no longer be the technical body but will link farmers to Tradenet. Farmers will be registered on groups to received SMS alerts with market prices. Our area is now open to mobile phones, so we can set up centres. Tradenet will therefore be a very good solution for us. We are planning training on how to use SMS for the farmers. Tradenet will train us (train-the-trainer) and then we will train the farmers how to use SMS to get market information.

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