Monday, August 6, 2007

Interview with Stephen John Agbenyo

Stephen is the network Coordinator for Nothern Information Network for Schools who is a participant at the wireless training workshop taking place in Winneba from the 1st to 10th August 2007. Stephen shared his taught about the workshop.
What is your name and what organisation are you coming from?
My name is Agbenyo John Stephen.I am with NINS short for Northern Information Network for Schools.We are based in Savelugu in the North.Saveligu is just about 26 kilometers drive from Tamale, the regional Capital.
What have you learnt so far from the training workshop?
So far the training has been wonderful. We've undergone basic introduction into wireless technology.We also learnt about Wireless networking,we learnt about setting wireless network, network securities, currently we are on configuring wireless networks.
How will you use the knowledge gained from the training workshop to impact positively on your organisation and beyond?
Like I mentioned earlier, NINS is in Savelugu.We do not have any internet access around except Tamale and so if I want to check my mails, I need to go to Tamale.With this training, it will be of help getting connections from Tamale to Savelugu and it will be easier and also, since NINS is about Schools, it will even be a cheaper means of having access in Schools in Savelugu and around

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