Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Diffusion of ICTs in Ghanaian Schools

This Video documentary is about the state of affairs of ICTs integration in Ghanaian Schools.

The diffusion of Information Communication and Technologies (ICTs) in educational systems in Ghana and other sub-Saharan African nations is a major step to promoting innovation. However, like Ghana, many of these educational systems currently do not have any coherent ICT policy framework in place. The current lack of policy frameworks for ICTs implementation in these educational systems shows that they are not equipped to keep up with the ICT revolution that is
taking place across the world. However, education policy makers in Ghana still have the chance to take advantage of the technology that is becoming more widely available.

This ten minutes video documentary on ICTs integration in Ghanaian Schools was produced by Ebenezer Malcolm, a doctoral student in Instructional Technology at College of Education, Ohio University, USA. He is also the Project Manager of the Global Teenager Project (GTP), Ghana. The documentary featured a snap shot of ICTs integration in first and second cycle institutions in Ghana. The feature highlighted some of the achievements, challenges and prospects of ICT integration in Ghanaian Schools. For more information on this video documentary contac[1]t
Ebenezer Malcolm: em283505@ohio.edu or emalcolm@ghana.com

To get access to this video, visit http://malcalm.blip.tv/.


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