Thursday, January 10, 2008

Interview with Paul Nyagorme, a teacher from Aggrey Memorial Zion School

Mr. Paul Nyagorme is a teacher at Aggrey Memorial Zion Secondary School in Cape Coast. He shared his experience on his involvement with the Global Teenager Project Learning Circle International Award winning competion in Cairo, Egypt.He has been with the Global Teenager Project for about three years now.

When asked what experiences he can share on the GTP Learning Circle International Competition, he had these to say. This year, we contested in an International website designing competition organised by SchoolNetAfrica.We went to Cairo, Egypt for an International Award. It was a great experience.We had a website in site and sounds of Africa. The main aim of our project is to capture bit and pieces of all the values and traditions and culture of Africa and put on the server of the Internet so that people world wide can read about Africa and appreciate our values and culture.

When asked why should teachers and students participate in the GTP Learning Circles, Mr. Nyagorme had these to say. The Global Teenager Project has opened alot of doors for many people. It has opened alot of opportunities for people. When we went to Egypt, we interacted with a number of people from all walks of life and we were able to make friends and even now, there are so many programmes that we are doing besides GTP that is enhancing our personal development and I want to use this opportunity to invite other people who are not part of GTP to actively partcipate in it because there are so many things on the Internet that will help them advance their personal carrier.