Saturday, May 24, 2008

Interview with Gay Nyakwende, Programme Manager, One World Africa

Gay shared her story with a group of IICD Country partners in a four day cross Country Learning Experience taking place in Accra, Ghana from the 24th-27th of May 2008.

What is your Name and where do you come from?

My name is Gay Nyakwende, I am the programme manager for OneWorld Africa based in Zambia

What is the theme of your story and and what is your story about?

The theme behind my story is that the level of education should not be a determinant for one's use of ICTs for development. My reasons are that, One World Africa has gained an experience in training grassroot Women whose level of education has been very minimal. They have also had the opportunity of training teachers who are highly educated but find out that Women whose level of if mastered in the use of computers will be able to produce content on issues that affect them on day-to-day basis much more than what the teachers have been able to do.

What were your learning points?

The learning point here is that, the level of motivation amongst people and also in the desire to learn much more will educate teachers to find that ICTs are a tool in enabling them in their work.

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