Thursday, April 12, 2012

Building capacity for competitive agricultural systems and enterprises in West Africa

This film (45 minutes) presents four examples of Agri-Business Clusters in Ghana and Togo. They illustrate the experience of entrepeneurial individuals in building small to medium scale businesses through new relationships with colleagues and so-called Agri-Business Cluster and Value Chain partners.

United through markets - Africa by moovon

The businesses, either producer cooperatives or agriculturally-linked enterprises, were supported by a project entitled ‘From thousands to millions: accelerating sustainable economic growth in West Africa’ (The 1000s+ project), coordinated by the International Fertiliser Development Centre (IFDC). The project utilised a grassroots approach known as "Competitive Agricultural Systems and Enterprises” (CASE) and focused on agribusiness clusters consisting of the farmers, entrepreneurs, technical, financial and business development services that are involved in a particular commodity within a well-defined target region. To date, the CASE approach has been piloted in several West African countries, to the benefit of some 60,000 farmers, including many women.

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