Wednesday, April 16, 2014

C4C Training workshop Tamale

After a two day workshop on how the local C4C partners can best support their associated organizations to implement and sustain their own ICT-enabled development activities, we are going through a training on how to use the AKVO plat form to show case our project activities.
I am happy to have this opportunity to learn some thing about the support AKVO is giving to project partners to share and to learn from one another.
In particular, PEPS-C is happy to be a partner to this facility and will explore the full potential of the platform to its benefit.
It is hoped that through this project, the appropriate ways and means would be found to improve the information environment so that the Enterprises being supported by PEPS-C are able to respond more readily to market signals, and that teaching and learning will improve in the Four Vocational Schools that are also receiving support under the auspices of the ICT4D initiative.

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