Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Evidence informed policy making - An interview with Mina Okuru, Ghana

Mina Okuru is the Communications Coordinator at Center for Democratic 
Development (CCD-Ghana) in Accra.

CDD-Ghana an independent, non partisan and, nonprofit organization based in Accra, 

Ghana (www.cddgh.org). The CDD-Ghana is dedicated to the promotion of society and 
government based on the rule of law, appropriate checks on the power of the state, and 
integrity in public administration. Mina talks about the challenges to communicating 
research evidence to policy-makers in Ghana, opportunities for communicating research 
evidence to policy-makers in Ghana  and the role of media in the policy-processes.
This interview was filmed during the VakaYiko Consortium annual meeting 2015, 

held in Accra, Ghana. Video and editing by Joseph -- joetigo@gmail.com

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