Monday, February 1, 2016

Evidence informed policy making - An interview with Dr. Isaac Frempong Mensa-Bonsu, Ghana

An interview with Dr. Isaac Frempong Mensa-Bonsu, Director for Plan Coordination, 
National Development Planning Commission (NDPC)
 Dr. Mensa-Bonsu was one of the External speakers/ facilitators at the Evidence-informed 
policy making training for Parliament of Ghana staff.
The National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) was established under 

Articles 86 and 87 of the 1992 Constitution as part of the Executive. The National 
Development Planning Commission Act, 1994, (Act 479) and the National Development 
Planning (System) Act, 1994, (Act 480), provide the core legal framework for the establishment 
of the Commission and the performance of its functions. (Other laws of relevance to the 
Commission’s work are: the Local Government Act (Act 462) 1993; Local Government 
Service Act (Act 656) 2003; Petroleum Revenue Management Act (Act 815) 2011; Civil 
Service Act (PNDC Law 327) 1993; and Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund Act, (Act 877), 2014).
Dr. Mensa-Bonsu talks about the nature of policy making process in Ghana, the use of evidence in 

Ghana's policy making process and the opportunities that exist for the use of research evidence in 
the national policy making process in Ghana.
The VakaYiko Consortium, a three year project working in Ghana, 

South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe to build the capacity of policy makers to access, evaluate and use 
evidence in policy-making. This interview was filmed during Evidence informed policy making training 
course for Parliament of Ghana staff held in Afienya, near Accra, Ghana from 11th to 20th January 2016. 
Video and editing by Joseph --

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