Monday, May 7, 2007

Interview with Dr. Osei Darkwa, President Ghana Telecom University College

Dr. Darkwa shared his views on Telemedicine and it benefits to the Ghanaian community.He stressed on the future of Telemedicine and some of the best practices of Telemedicine to be replicated in Ghana.
Does Telemedicine have a future in Ghana?
Telemedicine has a great future in Ghana because the Ghanaian healthcare system is confronted with several challenges.Hospitals and Clinics are unevenly distributed, braindrain is also a challenge and health personnels are not there. Medical information is another issue.These are however key challenges that we can use Telemedicine to address.
Are there best practices on Telemedicine in Africa that could be replicated in Gnana?
One of the best practices is the satle life health initiatve what is called a healthnet programme. Healthnet cuts across several different Countries and i know they are in Ghana as well.There is one in Accra and another in Tamale and they use low orbitting satellite to provide medical education. They are involved in research.I think it is one of the best health practices around the Country.

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