Thursday, May 31, 2007

Interview with Mrs Shine Ofori

Mrs Shine Ofori, a Guidance and Conselling Coordinator had these to say when asked about her opinion on the ICT and Youth Forum organised by GINKS.
The programme was very educative.We had a variety of Resource Persons coming in to give us various dimensions of ICT in Education, Policy, Youth work really opening our minds what there is. We got to know about how to use ICT in Counselling, Career Counselling.We got to know about the job opportunities that are there for our young people in ICT. It has been very Educative and was an opportunity for the students to meet one another and also we got to know some Non-Governmental Organisations(NGOs) that are into ICT and how they can help, so from my point of view as a School Counseller, I think we will be making good use of these NGOs that are into Counselling and will be inviting them and will be linking up with them.
When you look at the discussion dimension that is to be set-up, when we can have a site/online space where students can go freely and ask questions, have people on the spot to give Information to them, answer their questions and when they have need for Counselling, they can establish rappour with individual Counsellers. I think much will be done so the programme was very helpful.

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