Thursday, September 27, 2007

Interview with Hilde Eugelink from IICD

Hilde shared her views on the web2.0 conference currently underway in Rome from the 24th to the 27th September 2007.
What is your name, What organisation do you work for and what have you learnt so far from this workshop?
My name is Hilde Eugelink and I work for the International Institute of Communication and Development(IICD) based in the Hague. We are here in Rome and IICD is one of the organisers of the Web2.0 for development conference in Rome. I am part of the organisation, we prepared the whole conference with the use of Web2.0 tools so if you ask me what did I learn about Web2.0 tools during this conference, I will have to say that I learnt much more before the conference because I actually used all these tools. One of the great things of being able to use Web2.0 tools like Skype, blogs, Vlogs Unyte, Wikis and the rest is that it is much more efficient but on the other hand, their use is still quite challenging because of the social and cultural barriers. Nevertheless, they are collaborative networking tools .
What advise do you have for people towards the use of Web2.0 tools for Development?
Using Web2.0 tools, should you do it or not? I think you should because being able to use these kinds of tools really help you to network and collaborate, however, these new tools need to be adapted. You really need to be careful in using these tools in very different situations. I will advise people to first play around the tools and not shifting aside existing communication tools and I think that is what I have for people on th use of th tools.

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Joitske Hulsebosch said...

Hi, this is really cool to hear comments from the conference! Thanks a lot, Prince