Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Interview with Karen Hackshaw, participant from CTA

Karen shared her experience on what she has learnt from the opening session on the web 2.0 for development conference currently underway in Rome, Italy from the 24th to the 27th of September 2007

What is your name and which organisation are you coming from?

My name is Karen Hackshaw and I work with CTA

What have you learnt so far from this first session on Web2.0 Conference currently underway in Rome?

This session was quite interesting to me because yesturday, we had a good build-up of what we are doing today so today was very helpful because I think I have learnt more of the cultural, some of the more economical and more social issues that go into web2.0 and that combined with the technical session we had yesturday

What expectations do you have by the end of today's programme?

As I am seating down, I am just thinking about the ways I can actually change the banch of Ideas so I think after this, I would want to seat down and look at my various programmes and how I can actually make them more effective and fit into the dynamism of the web2.0 culture.Also think about a new and effctive way or fashion of getting through what we do.

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